ABSENTEE players at final tables

It is grossly unfair that some players in multi table tours rack up a big stack then leave and join other tours in the full knowledge that they’ll almost certainly get to the final table and rewards. Maybe this is a ‘tactic’ that some find acceptable. I personally do not think it is fair. I’d like to see replay-poker introduce a 5 hands absent and you are out practice or may be a time out of say 10 mins and out to stop these idiots. How can it be fair when a player works hard to make the final table only to go out before some absentee that has bullied and bludgeoned his way to a high stack so he can leave and go play somewhere else half way through the tour?

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ABSOLUTELY AGREE…some players sit and wait until odds are in there favor and less people are playing its not right and should have a time limit…my opinion.

Its a legal tactic in poker,you can do that in a real cash tournament also

I agree, I have been on 9 player tables and only 4 of us playing for long periods of time, seems strange