Hi lo omaha

Hi, I am in the Omaha tourney right now and would appreciate if someone could tell me why I didn’t get both hi and low win. I had the A 2 so made the 12345 and also a fh….hand # is 403701762.
They gave me hi hand only ???

NM lol its only Omaha not hi lo doh

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It’s very easy to make that mistake. I’ve made a few times. I play a lot of Omaha/hi/low and when i get in a game of just Omaha I have to keep reminding myself (Hi only) that i’m in just Omaha, are I will bet low and then of course lose. :slight_smile:

Me, too. I actually got into the $$ in a freeroll once without realizing it was high only. Was NOT happy to lose with the wheel to a 6-high straight.

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