Help me continue this story

Could you please help me write this story? I’ll give you the start, and can everyone interested please continue where the previous one left off to try and make a full and complete story?

Use your imagination; feel free to get as silly as you like; add twists, funny parts, scary parts, anything you like. Let’s have fun :slight_smile:

So these 5 friends decided to go to a supposedly haunted house on Halloween and play a game of poker. Sandy, Martin, Linda, James and Rick. They got inside the house…

All of a sudden, they get attacked by a small horde of zombies and are killed and eaten.

The End

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Ok let’s try again. Don’t kill the story SPG. Help me out here.


Sorry, I thought you wanted someone to “Help Me Finish This Story,” so I helped you by finishing it. sigh


Ok it’s now “Help me continue this story”.


Well, that’s a different type of thing. OK…

Rick, who was just released from prison after serving 5 years for armed robbery, immediately began searching the house for anything worth stealing. James raised an eyebrow at this and gave him a knowing smile, but quickly looked away when Rick glared at him with murderous intent.

Thinking quickly, Sandy grabbed James by the arm and hurried him to the kitchen to make snacks for everyone, while Linda wandered off to find a mirror so she could check her outfit.

Martin, who was destined to be an interior decorator because his parents named him Martin, began decorating the interior so they would have a simply fab place to play.

Suddenly, they all froze as a soft moan drifted up from the darkened basement…


Sandy dropped the bowl of pretzels on the floor, putting her hands to her chest, as James dropped his jaw and whispered “what the hell was that?” Martin climbed up on the table as Rick sauntered into the living room. Martin started to say something, but Rick cut him off, saying “shut up, let me listen.”

James led Sandy in the living room, noticing Rick putting a hand up the air to stay silent. Then no one moved, waiting … then again, a low, soft moan came from beneath their feet, from directly beneath their feet. Slowly, they all looked down, eyes wide, their breath frozen. A sharp creak made them all turn suddenly, Rick pulled a knife from his jacket, and they saw …


… a big black cat, his eyes glowing green in the dim moonlight filtering in through the nearby window. They let out a collective sigh of relief, Rick rolling his eyes as Martin stepped gingerly off of the coffee table.

“Come on,” Rick said, “help me get the stuff out of the car. There’s a bigger table and some chairs in the dining room, we can play there.”

As Rick, Martin, and James went out to the car, Sandy went back to making snacks, shaking her head and chuckling softly at their nervousness. Linda went to the window and pulled out a compact to touch up her makeup. The cat just sat there looking irritated at the intrusion.

The men soon returned with boxes of chips, cards, candles and lanterns, with Martin bringing up the rear, burdened with a heavy cooler full of refreshing adult beverages. He set it down and began decorating the dining room, while James busied himself lighting candles and getting the lanterns going. The flickering flames cast dancing shadows, adding to the spooky atmosphere.

Rick grabbed a flashlight, then strode out of the room, heading towards the stairs leading up to the attic. He returned a few minutes later, his arms loaded with several old books, a slim double-edged knife, a silver colored chalice, and candles of various colors. He dumped them all onto the table and sighed, “Nothing worth taking in this place.”

Sandy came into the room and gasped as she saw the items on the table. Looking from one item to another. “I think that’s an athame,” she said, warily looking at the knife, “These look like the tools used in ritual magic… dark magic.”

“Oh great,” Martin said, “Just what we need. Let’s go play at my house! It’s safe and already decorated!”

“Get a hold of yourself Martin,” Rick growled, “It’s just a bunch of dusty junk, it can’t hurt you.”

“Yeah, “Susan said,” Let’s not get carried away here. Where did Linda get to?”

“She was right here a minute ago,” James said. They looked around, but Linda was gone…


Linda was nowhere to be found, but strangely, there now was a second cat in the house. This one was white with blue eyes, just like Linda’s, and it kept looking at everyone as if it was trying to tell them something…

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The cat padded to the open door, stopped, looked over its shoulder and meowed before vanishing into the hallway beyond.

“I think it wants us to follow,” Sandy said, starting for the door. James said, “Not alone Susan,” They went into the hall and disappeared from sight.

Suddenly, the door slammed shut, and Susan screamed, her voice trailing off as her body hit the floor. James shouted, “Son of a…,” but the phrase ended in a moan of pain as his body thumped loudly to the ground.

Rick pulled his knife in a flash. He ran to the door, his hand on the knob, and looked back to Martin, who stood motionless, eyes wide open in fear and unable to move. Rick rolled his eyes, took a deep breath, then charged through the door, knife held low. A few seconds later, he screamed “Holy…,” but the scream ended in a sickly gurgling cry as he slumped to the floor.

When the door slammed shut again, Martin’s eyes rolled back into his skull as he fainted and collapsed into a heap like a boneless rag doll.

Martin woke some time later, his hands tightly bound and stretched overhead. He hung from a gleaming stainless steel meat hook, his toes barely touching the ground.

Four robed and hooded figures stood before him, backlit by the harsh hissing light of a Coleman lantern, which hung from the remnants of the broken chandelier. Deep shadows obscured whatever lay beneath the hoods, and Martin cried out in terror and hopelessness.

One of the figures advanced, gliding silently and brandishing the wicked, razor sharp athame. “Get the bucket,” he rasped in a deep demonic voice, “We’ll need all of his blood to open the gateway.”

Martin’s eyes flew open, and he started yelling, “Help me mommy! Help me mommy!” over and over uncontrollably. The knife-wielding figure started shaking, then began to laugh, his voice higher and somehow familiar. The figure on his left threw back its hood and said, “OK guys, this has gone too far. Let him down before he has a heart attack or something.” It was Linda!

Rick put down the knife, threw back his hood and lifted Martin off of the meat hook, then untied his hands. He took one look at Martin’s face and started laughing again, barely able to pause long enough to take a breath.

Susan and James unhooded, looked at each other, and said at the same time, “Help me mommy!” They then started laughing so hard they had to lean against each other to stop themselves from falling over.

Rick looked at Martin and grinned, “Dude, we got you good, you’ve been punked!”

Martin’s mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water, but he finally managed to sputter, “You… you, you mean you aren’t going to kill me?”

Rick raised an eyebrow and said, “Nah, we’re just messin’ with ya, let’s play some cards.” …


They started playing. Martin dealt. Sandy got pocket aces and went all in preflop. While waiting for the others to act, they all heard a knock on the door and what sounded like little kids shouting “trick or treat”… They all looked at each other wondering why anyone would come trick or treating at an abandoned house.

Rick said: “leave them to me, I know how to deal with kids”. He went to open the door, but no one was there…

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So they sat down to play again, and to everyone’s surprise James, who had been holding the deck of cards, called the all-in and when everyone else folded, turned over a pair of black aces.

Martin dealt off the flop, which came King of Spades, Queen of Spades, Jack of Spades, giving James a gutshot draw to the Royal Flush as well as a draw to the Spade flush. As Martin dealt the turn card, Sandy jumped to her feet and pulled out a pair of pocket pistols which she aimed at James’s gut. OK, MF, she shouted, lets see the Ten of Spades. However the turn came as the Ten of Hearts, and it looked like the pot would be split with each player making broadway, until the river came down. (To be continued.)

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Before they could see the river, there was a louder knock on the door, but this time the door opened slowly by itself, and they were all shocked when they saw who was standing there…


It was Pennywise the dancing clown. But even if it wasn’t the Joker, he was definitely bringing some bad mojo for someone or other.

Pennywise then declared to the gang that they’re being watched. He pointed out hidden cameras all over the place, and told them their game is being streamed live on a site called Replay Poker, and that millions are watching them play.

“Some very rich people with lots of fake chips are watching this, and paying a lot of play money to make it as entertaining as possible”, he said.

He continued: “you will have to finish the game, tournament style, and there will be prizes and consequences… The winner gets to walk out alive… The others, well, you’ll see as you play… But remember: No collusion, No chip dumping, and No tricks whatsoever. Play to win… Play for your lives…Ha Ha Ha Ha!”

Then he vanished into thin air…And all the doors and windows in the house got locked magically. There was no way out anymore… And of course no signal on the phones and nowhere else to go…

Martin jumped to his feet, a look of horror on his face, his chair tumbling to the floor behind him. He went to one of the boxes and rummaged around, eventually coming up with a handful of small circular objects.

He walked around the table, placing one under each drink before righting his chair and sitting down with a look of grim satisfaction.

Rick looked at him in amazement and said, “Coasters? We’re facing almost certain death and you give us coasters?”

Martin gave him a long hard look before saying, “I spent hours sewing this nice green tablecloth. If we are going to die, we might as well die as civilized people, not as cave men!”

Rick closed his eyes and began rubbing his temples before groaning, “Help me mommy!”

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Sandy asked: “What do we do now? Do we continue playing this hand? Or do we start over?”

As she finished her question, a part of the wall behind her turned into a screen, and the following writing appeared:

“Dear players,
So far your fate is being decided by 3 millionaires, @SunPowerGuru @MekonKing and @Maya from Replay. Others might join later and add more twists. For now you will do exactly as these 3 people say. There is no other way. Let the games begin, and may the odds be ever in your favor…”

Linda then started shouting: “SO DO WE START OVER OR CONTINUE? YOU HAVEN’T ANSWERED SANDY’S QUESTION!!!”… And she started crying, repeating: “we’re all gonna die… We’re all gonna die”…

Suaan said, “Calm down. Let’s see where we stand. We have 2 handguns and an extra mag for each, Rick has a knife plus we have the athame. We are well armed and able to defend ourselves.”

Rick added, “We can smash the table, its legs will make great clubs.”

James, who was in the construction business, said, “If we pull the hinge pins from the front door, it will be easy to open. If that doesn’t work, we can easily smash a window and get out. The ones overlooking the front porch would be the easiest to climb out of. If that doesn’t work, it’s easy enough to kick through one of the walls.”

Rick said, “It’s one freakin clown, we can kill it.”

Martin looked around and said, “But he said not to try anything like that!”

Rick looked at him in disgust, then said, “Sorry Scooter, I don’t let random clowns dictate the rules of my reality. Let’s get out of here.”

To be continued……….?

Of course! Help us continue :slight_smile: