Find RANK [search] WHO RANKS #333

I think the majority of players,I would, like to know WHO of ranking players. Have a data base with the players and their ranks so others could search , say SEARCH [rank # 19] taking the inquirey to a link to player profile, or just the name and their rank…Just a thought…may have it already?

I like it!! Not sure how the new rankings system is gonna work, but i like this idea.

I like it too, I’ll speak to the tech team and we’ll see what we can come up with.

Always wondered why there isn’t option to search ranks ^^

Searching by rank seems a bit odd to me. The average player probably only wants to know who the top 100 players are, and which players are ranked slightly above and below themselves? I guess we should have a way to browse all players, but then see all players directly above and below you, but also search for a player to see where they’re ranked and who are above and below them? How does that sound?

Sounds good, +additionally

Would be nice to see the rank holders time length , may award for it… Would be nice to see the highest rank received ever… or a small arrow, drop and raise next to the ranks