CONTEST - A rose by any other name


Surffisherman I used to enjoy the bluefish run in wells beach Maine. Also in connecticut I did some surf fishing but only caught small fish like conners and porgies. Keep it up man, great pasttime.


For those that do not know the famous WW2 phrase FUBAR (look it up). My adding ALL expresses my feelings of our present overall world situation. In this country, in my opinion, the Democratic left has lost it’s mind & the Republican right is about to do so. Social media around the world, in reality, is creating an ugly anti-social plaque. We no longer converse with one-another. We phone, we text. We are losing human companionship, true happiness & love. Thus: “all fubar”… My hope is that we will eventually all come together & this phrase will be totally lost in history.

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Have sent you a PM explaining how to change your username :+1:


My daughter started calling me DooDad when she 2 and it kinds stuck. Most of my poker playing buddies call me DooDad and most of my family as well.


A Sabra is actually the fruit of a type of cactus (like a prickly pear.) It also describes native-born Israelis (tough on the outside, sweet on the inside.)

So, when I moved to Israel from California, I decide I may as well go all the way…“Ha” is the Hebrew prefix for “The”. Watch out for me at the tables, and enjoy our chats.



My 55 year old son has a sense of humor. About 15 years ago he told the grandkids to start calling me poppy, and my wife mom. When the grandkids go older , he told them peehole would be more appropriate. Now you tell me; when I joined Replay Poker, should I have used popcorn, or peeholeron ?


When I was in HS, many years ago, although I was only 5’8", but I had the largest feet (size 13) in my graduating class of 507 students. Guys would tape a license plate number to my heels. It was actually my music teacher who first called me Stu the Shoe. Word got around and the rest is (ancient) history.


I have read just about every piece of literature by Mark Twain, and I just can’t get enuff of that stuff! I’m a small time writer in my neighborhood, and naturally my pseudonym became Lemarc Twayne.


I was born under the star sign ‘Pisces’ and as the saying goes “You can’t get over that”. I have life-long interests in water, fish, the sea, sailing and everything wet and aquatic. I have a scientific background in the environment and fisheries. I have created and manage a gaggle of websites. I have now retired and live in the ‘Shark Shack’ by the sea near Jervis Bay, on the South Eastern coast of Australia. I sail, fish, walk, dive and swim, write poetry and play Poker online and with humans as much as I can. My the motto is: ‘Diving for Pearls’. Cheers and Tight Lines!
A fish in Poker is a player that bets big without cause. My aim is to bet big Justly!
A poem relating to my love for the sea

Poem to Self in Passing
Bury me not to rot deep in the bowels of earth, all alone in the cold, silent, dank wetness of dirt.

For the very first day I awoke before birth I was floating in the warm sea of the womb, so alert to my mother’s warm body fluid, soothing and supporting.

Bobbing and rocking, caressed by her comforting touching of me, and her soft muffled words and lullabies, I was carried in her womb until my birth’s surprise and cries.

At my demise, burn my body, scatter my ashes far out to sea so they can bob and rock, floating in sheer delight and glee at being back in a womb, back in the sea, where I want to be.


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I raise rabbits. When I first came back from spending a year in Brazil, I named a particularly nice rabbit Bahia, after a state in Brazil that I wanted to visit someday. Her ear number was 7. She loved to win and was one of the best I have ever raised, so I decided to use her name for my username here. My real name, Tzeitel, requires too much explanation. She was the oldest daughter in Fiddler on the Roof, but I’m not Russian or Jewish, just got stuck with a crazy foreign name :slight_smile:


The first part of my name chaos refers to how most of my life has been. The number part of my name is my department of corrections number from when i did time in prison. It reminds me to never screw up my life again.


My name just popped into my head while trying to think of a username…guess I have a weird sense of humour!


Doll <<<<< Self explanatory LMAO :wink:

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I was adopted at 6 weeks old and it took me 45 years to find out who I really was. I found that
my initials when I was born were S,E,A…hence the moniker on here!

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When I was signing up for online poker several years ago, I asked our daughters for a suggestion for a “handle.” Our youngest (in college at the time) replied, "How about ‘DudeItsDad’. " To put that in context, her e-mail name was “TiffHippieChick.” She thought she was a “modern day hippie, and wanted to include me.”


One Eyed Jacks is a fictional brothel and casino on the 1991 television series Twin Peaks by David Lynch and Mark Frost. It is located across the Canadian border in British Columbia The name is significant because “One-Eyed Jacks” is the name of a movie that was originally intended to be directed by Stanley Kubrick, who Lynch has frequently cited as an influence and a reason why he started to direct.


A simple family nickname: A toddler learning to say his name ‘Stephen’ only could get it out as “Teeber” so the family started calling him “Teeber”… he did not realize it was HIS name so he was calling his uncle, ‘Steven’ “Teeber”. The 51 comes from how old his uncle was when he started doing emailing …lol… that uncle is now 68.


My mother name was May Edvinsen and heheh. I loved wine on that time i made my nick name. Med Vin = With wine in norwegian :wink:


Back in the good old days, my fav movie was “Lilo and Stitch.” I always thought that Jumba Jookiba was a dam cool name for an overweight alien scientist in Hawaiian shirts…


david came from the doctor who deliverd me DR David Weinstein afriend and a wealty client of my father.
the L is short for Lisle My godfather uncle (Sam) his name was Albert Lisle Chacherie. He had ben called SAM because hi older siater had a soeech impedimen as a child. Mayne was from My father He was acivil eng, His father and the rest of the mayne, Allen and Thomas family had been dropped off in New orleans while the rest of the men left for south america to build bridges , The bridge of Allen was the first bridge over the Firth De Forth, it is still a functing bridge.