Cant send or Receive a certain player or player's a friend request:

Recently after asking our great support team, why I couldn’t send a friend request to another player, I found that the friend was one of the request, I rejected 4 years ago and it can not occur again.

Several years ago, I found due to my neglect to answer friend request’s timely, I had accumulated entirely so many friend requests and decided to reject all just to clear the page. I had always assumed those & I would still be able to befriend each other again and I would make time daily to check request’s.

You can request to support to dismiss that rejection and they, will clear the rejection. I really felt bad asking our Great support team to correct my mistake made several years ago.

I strongly suggest, please don’t make the same mistake I did! Check you friend request’s daily if possible.

Have you ever experienced this issue and do you any other ideas that may help everyone from experiencing the problem?


I experienced that not to long ago with a Moderator. I’m usually on my phone so I don’t get requests on it. Must have been to late when I logged in on my computer or laptop. Hope that person wasn’t offended and sees this post.


That’s strange, the request should have still been in pending request page. But things happen, I suppose.

Similar experience. I’m glad this issue has been raised again. To elaborate and explain the issue from my understanding from other players explanation to me:

At some point players were complaining about getting friend requests, rejecting them and the same player just resending a new friends request again. This would obviously be annoying to keep rejecting the same player over and over again, and could be possible harassment & trolling. RP’s solution was to make the reject friends request button act like a BLOCK button so neither player could add each other. Problem solved! New problem created!

I deleted a friend and then rejected their new friends request and now this player is BLOCKED! This player requested I add them again and I agreed but OFC it was now impossible. At the time I had no idea why this was the case, & so I told them to contact RP, and ask for them to resolve the issue. I’m not really sure what response this player got but no fix was made & now I had to waste my time and RPs time asking them to resolve an issue I should be able to solve myself - but more importantly should exist in the first place!

Another player also asked why they couldn’t add a players as a friend too. Same issue, different experience maybe. Its not a new issue.

Many features and implementation on RP are illogical and are not intuitive for humans to understand IMO, hence the problem.

I’d like RP to STOP the reject friendship request button BLOCKING players and instead add a BLOCK, UNBLOCK button. To me a button that does what it says makes more logical sense and is more intuitive.

This also saves players asking questions related to problems/issues that shouldn’t exist in the fist place and wasting both players and RPs time resolving!


Great Idea. We should be able to manage that ourselves and take that burden off of our Great Support Team. Should that player receive an automatic notice stating that, from the player that made the block.

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No way that should happen. Then you’re opening up harassment in league games and the community forums from the player that made the block.

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Agree, that why I said Should, to open the discussion. That may be why Support is Blocking the player’s for us all. I don’t know, just a thought.

Agree, so why cant we? Adding a BLOCK/UNBLOCK button is a very simple solution.

There is no need to notify a player they have been BLOCKED. The current system doesn’t notify you that a player has BLOCKED you - and the crazy part is most players wouldn’t know that rejecting a friends request automatically BLOCKS.

Currently if you reject a friends request YOU are BLOCKING them. You cannot add them and they cannot add you. There is no notifications needed! If you look at a players profile after you reject their friends request u will see the ADD AS A FRIEND is absent from profile.


Sounds like the current system is working very well, Personally I feel like if I Block a player, they should be notified from me. But I mainly wanted to let everyone know of this issue. Please check friend request’s daily and don’t make the same mistake I did.

@DogsOfWar @Craig_Anthony I agree players should not be notified of a reject friend request and like the idea of the players having the ability to reset any person they rejected. Should there be a limit of how many times a rejected player’s friend status can be reset? so no one misuses the feature and on any given day and could reject player again for some reason?


3 strikes and your out. Sounds fair enough.

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Your asking RP to set a limit or your own personal limit? How could someone misuse personal freedom and the right to decide what they want to do or they don’t want to do?

note if either player has rejected another player then both players will see this on a players profile:

Notice there is NO option to ADD AS FRIEND… most players wont know or understand that they have been BLOCKED, but essentially both players are now blocked FOREVER from adding each other!

I am not asking RP to do anything, simply asking you the question? and I thank you for your reply. GL at the tables

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