Calling a 20 BB raise with 35o and winning

I had to get out of this table in a hurry, because I’m allergic to fish and donkeys.

So, it’s very early, second hand of this 9-seat MTT in fact, and I’m dealt JJ. Blinds are 15-30. I bet 25% of my stack from the cutoff, that’s 20BB, and get two callers. The flop: 345, I shove, one player folds, the other is holding 35o. Good for two pair and 3725 chips.

Fortunately, the winner had lost about half his chips the previous hand, where he had played bottom pair against top pair and lost half his stack trying to make a Straight. I guess after that he figured “what the heck, I’ll just call everyone until I’m done.” And now he has half my stack. With 35o.

After I saw that happen, I just had to give the table the rest of my chips. Fortunately, I was dealt A4o, and didn’t even have to think about it: I’m shoving! I’m sure to get called, and sure enough I do! My caller: QQ. No aces hit the board, and I’m done, out 9th in 4 hands.

I mean, sure I could have tried to play through the bad beat and see if I could come back, but why would I want to? When you’re disgusted, you get up and hurl your guts into the nearest trash can or toilet.

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I had to stop playing the 25K SnG’s altogether because they were so bad. They weren’t hard to beat but it was soul-crushing to play them after a while.

I would have played your hand a little differently but honestly, who cares when you’re on a table like that? The games were so full of rancidly bad players that I saw no point in them anymore. Put some cash on these games and I’d quit my job so I could play them all day every day. For play-chips, what’s the upside to playing them? Run, don’t walk from this lobby and do not look back :slight_smile:

Its a shame because there were some nice people there but nowhere near enough to make me go back unless things change a whole lot.

I was wondering why I haven’t seen you at the Astral tables in a while…

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this is exactly what I am talking about in the fairness debate thread. liked how player played 3,5 then next two hands he folds. what in the world are these type of players folding with? it just doesn’t make any sense that they can play a hand like that and fold next hands.

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I think the first hand, he played so poorly, chasing the straight and missing, losing bottom pair under top pair, that he didn’t care and just wanted to get out of the table, so he called my big preflop bet, and then lucked into 2 pair, so called when I shoved, and luckily his 2 pair rags held up. All I needed was the board to pair, or a Q, and I could have beat him. But since he bounced back, he saw fit to tighten up after that.

Either that or he’s just a straight up bad player and doesn’t know what he’s doing.

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I see this a lot on here. players play like that and next hand they can fold. I just don’t understand their logic I guess

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This is turning into one of those awful nights where I can’t play, I can’t get cards, and when I do get cards, they still don’t win.

I’m now down 350K chips on the night, and I’m going to continue losing until I win. So probably around 2AM I’ll be down 700-800K and finally win a table. I win maybe one hand per game, and the rest of the time I get bad beats and missed flops and rags to fold that would have made straights. All night long.

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