BUG: No buttons to select play

I joined a tournament. The first hand was dealt and I was “under the gun” but no buttons appeared for me to select my play. Then suddenly, I was “sat out”.
The hand number is 1152239689.

My tables have been freezing at an accelerated rate lately.

Same deal… same result… Sat out!

Larry you can request a refund from support for the tournament.

Having same issue, table freezing for the last week. I haven’t reported to support as I was sure it was my ISP. The download speed was dropping occasionally. Buffering during streaming etc. If this continues Larry & Excaliburns please send an e-mail to support@replaypoker.com

I will do the same.

@LarryinCo I checked the Hand and we didn’t experience any system issues at that time. Please have a look at this article, with a few things you can check on your side: https://help.replaypoker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002234774-Disconnecting-from-games-

Thank you, Litenin. However, I am not concerned with the entry fee. My whole purpose in reporting this problem is that I am trying to give information to the support team so that they can develop more “bulletproof” software.

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I’ve been noticing this the last couple of weeks. It seems to occur as a hand is concluded and I only notice it when a new hand doesn’t start on the table for maybe 3 - 5 seconds. Refreshing the URL fixes it but when you’re at the new table you’re either sat out or have a second to decide.

I remember this was the way it started and occurred several years ago and players complained about this and other glitches occurring. I hope we don’t go through another episodes of glitches because that other one lasted over 1 year to resolve.

A lot of complaints.

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