Why did i get kicked out?

i was playing a tournament just now with me and a other player both having four of a kind quens and i had the higher hand too but he won and i got kicked out!?!?!

(royal heaven, arround 12:00 PM)

Tournament ID: #131173 hopefully staff member will look at it soon, the hand would be better.

All the best

We’ll need the hand id in order to be able to check it for you. But we’ve -never- had a hand evaluated incorrectly, so I’m almost certain the other player had a stronger hand.

Well i have no idea what a hand id is or where to find, so if you could please explain?!

The hand number is in the left upper in the room, you can find it if you look your previous play, then step back manually.


I can only see my last 10 hands…if thats the right page i am looking at.

open one, then click on “previous” the bottom of the room, untill you find the hand in quesion.

it doesnt let me go that far back!!

I cant help you more, could be lots of reason, a small glitch in net, PC, browser, I think thets it, becouse no other user report similar problem.

I suggest keep your eye on it, if happens again, please save the hand numer and post it here. sy All The Best