What is the Holiday or Recognized for today?

What is the Holiday or Recognized Day, for today ?

It seems, there is a Holiday or Recognized day almost every day about people, animals, foods, traditions, etc.:slight_smile:

For instance as we know today, February 2cd is groundhog day and he didn’t see his shadow. Great news if true, for any farmers but also it is National Tater Tot Day among many others.

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Today February 3,

International Golden Retriever Day is being observed today! It has been observed annually on February 3rd since 2012.

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Forgot yesterday was observed for Rosa Parks Day Rosa Parks Day | Holiday | Checkiday.com

Looking forward to tomorrow, before it gets here lol. I know ahead of time it is Taco Tuesday in Alabama !!! yummy Hmm good.

February 6 is observed as Pay a Compliment Day

Pay-a-Compliment Day is for giving “genuine and soulful compliments” to others. It was created by Adrienne Koopersmith, on February 6, 1995. On that cold February day, Koopersmith was riding the bus in Chicago, when she noticed someone who wasn’t at a bus stop was frantically waving at the bus she was on, hoping that it would stop; the bus driver stopped and let the person on. When Koopersmith exited the bus, she complimented the driver on how nice it was that he had stopped. Koopersmith then went home and decided to make the holiday. Since she was warmed by the bus driver’s actions, she wanted that warmth to be part of each February 6 for years to come.

I hope & believe we will remember to give a complement to someone, everyday and Shine the Light of love for all :smile: