Touraments points

What are tourament points where do I find them and how do i use them?


For these types of questions, I always just ask Sarah.

What are tournament points? – Replay Poker

You can find the Leaderboards under the Promotion section on the main page.

I hope this helps.

If you click the ? beside your chip total at the top of the dashboard, and enter What are tournament points? You will find a very good explanation.


If you look on your statistics page, you can click on how tournament points are calculated.
They’re good for potentially earning free chips on the leaderboards and in the leagues.
Some of the leagues pay weekly free chips for the top 10 players that week.
Perhaps concentrate with one of the buy-in amounts you’re comfortable with that fit into one of the leagues, most of which begin every Sunday and finish up at the end of Saturday.
Hopefully that gives you an idea of how to use your tournament points.

Thank you for your help. That enplanes a lot to me.

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Thank you. That helps me.

Thank you, I will do that.