My first month in replaypoker

Greetings! Steve here. It has been coming to one month playing replaypoker almost everyday. I started off with I think few thousands of free chips upon registration. Didn’t purchase any chips. Now, my stake reached 120,000. Maybe beginner’s luck. Anyway, it has been fun playing here. Have fun!


Sounds like you are off to a good start, keep it going!

And welcome to the forum.


That’s how I started off, too! Playing all low-stakes ring games, in 2016.

I still remember my very first hand. I got dealt AA. I thought, “That’s suspicious. I wonder if that happens to everyone on their first hand. Is their RNG really random?” I think I won the blinds.

Then after a month or so, I’d built up about 120,000 chips through careful (I thought, what little I knew back then) play at the tables. But one night, I went bust, lost everything in an evening of epic tilt, rebuying and rebuying to try to win back my losses. I got disgusted, and took an almost 3-year hiatus. But I logged in every day, collecting the daily bonus. Every day I’d think about playing, then get that sick feeling and think better of it.

Then, last September, I had about 1.2M saved up from the daily bonuses by that point.

My girlfriend broke up with me. I needed something to take my mind off it. We had a company picnic at which they had a professional croupier dealing poker, and I sat down and played for an hour. I got the itch again. I logged in and lost myself in chips and cards.

I burned through about 500-600k of that 1.2M in free chips, by breaking slightly worse than even most nights, as I gradually figured out how to win at SNG tournament play.

I haven’t looked back.

I’m up to 4.3M chips this week.

Epilogue: GF and I got back together in January. :heart:

Welcome to the site:) See you at the tables sometime.


Welcome to Replay Poker @ngaiweng!! I hope your having a good time at the tables and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!!!



yo !! brother (or sister).

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I’m gonna be 1 year next month, and I’ve been playing regularly ever since I started. It’s fun, and I find most Replay players are friendly players. I played rings game at first, but I quickly moved over to tournies, and now I rarely play ring games. I like tournies better. Also, when I started playing here, I started playing on another site. Now, I only play here.
If you have questions, ask the experts in here. They know their stuff, they’re very helpful, and if I wanted to really get my game right, I would drive them nuts picking their brains…but I’m too lazy, lol! I’m okay with good enough.


Thanks guys! Will see you guys around although I might not know or recognize so many of you all yet. By the way, I am from Malaysia (the country between Singapore and Thailand) and so my English might not be that good :slight_smile: