How to hang yourself with AA

I usually bet with AA and don’t just call.

But I thought I would do it for the novice players to learn to stop trapping when you have the best hand.


Pre flop I would have bet but I knew I would hang myself for everyone to learn!

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The catch-22 of poker. You have a monster hand but you want to get more than just the blinds. But giving an opponent free cards can bite you too. The BB can have anything and people forget AA is still just a pair and you still have to protect it and if nothing else build the pot a little. Once you get to the turn the hand plays itself.

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stop limp AA, thats was good in 2015 when UTG or UTG +1 or UTG +2 but now thats bad, stealing the blinds is better than giving free equity to weak hands, even with AA

Actually, if you’re going to open limp any hands from the button, you probably need aces to be in that range sometimes too. I don’t think that’s necessarily all that bad.
The hand is also well played up until the river, with a good sized check raise on the turn, when you’re hand is well disguised and still almost certainly ahead. The Kh is the worst card in the deck for you though, so I think on that one specific card, you just have to fold. You have the Ac, so he can’t have the most obvious bluff, and almost everything else beats you. I guess they could also be turning a counterfeit two pair into a bluff, blocking full houses, but not many people find that one.
Conversely, if it’s not the Kh, you probably win a nice sized pot - likely much larger than what you would have won by playing more aggressively early.
I’m not trying to encourage people to slow play aces, it is usually not the best option, but making any strategic decisions based off just one hand is going to get you into far more trouble.

Ok how would you play the hand

Well, I didn’t realize how short stacked you were at first, and I wouldn’t put too much stock in my advice given that I almost never play tournaments, but I did take and look and see what gto wizard would do (I don’t have a subscription, but you can still run one hand a day)

It basically pure open limps aces from the button at 12bb effective. (It stops limping deeper than 25bb, but when it has open limps, aces are always in there).
It almost never checks behind on the flop though, preferring small bets. If it does check, it raises the turn to around the size you used. It also always calls aces on the river, but it never raises.

I think given how shallow you were, you do probably have to call aces there, but the solver does expect the big blind to bluff all their missed clubs. I don’t think that’s happening in practice, so it’s got to be close between calling and folding. It does start folding aces when stacks are deeper.

If you bet the flop small like the solver suggests, then I think you’re just going with aces at that point no matter what.


Attend the meetings, whilst drunk.

Although I am not sure, if that is a hanging offense.


Allow me to introduce another way to hang yourself with AA. This has very little to do with poker, but mostly about pseudo poker, as played in the lower, and medium priced games.

Sometimes I just want to play, and choose whatever game is up next. In this case, 7.5K, 9 max. (Small reward vs time, so shoot me, I’m impatient).

So, I’m rolling along with a healthy chip lead on my table, and in the top five for the tournament. I’m feeling good about the way i’m playing, so when I get AA, I don’t really feel the need to get fancy with them. Didn’t want to waste them either, so I throw in 2x the pot, expecting to grab the blinds, and move on.

Half the table calls.

Knowing how weak aces are, with multiple hands involved, I really overbet the flop, but it’s too late. Someone had flopped a small straight draw, and refused to be moved. He/She filled it on the turn/river. I didn’t improve, and there goes my chips.

Sorry about the lack of the actual hand, but as I lost about 60% of my stack, I remember it pretty well. I’m not refuting the sound poker advice given in this thread (with which I agree). I’m just wondering what I could have done, with AA, a table filled with calling stations, and a prevailing strategy to see every flop you can (with which I disagree, but that’s another thread) . Preflop shove might have worked, but who knows.

Nyet you need to flop ace, then make aces full on river. Then you can induce all in bet by lesser hand, maybe spades or Ax full. Call with aces full Mike.

You have a monster hand but you want to get more than just the blinds... But giving an opponent free cards can bite you too... The BB can have anything and people forget AA is still just a pair and you still have to protect it and if nothing else build the pot a little. Once you get to the turn the hand plays itself..

Been there , done that. Yep it is poker but always fun at replay for me, with Great folks like yourself and everyone !!

For once my aces paid off but I was sweating abit… however I had been on this table a while & had seen some of the hands people were calling preflop raises with. Normally someone else would get an ace high flush on the river lol. Aces are a mixed blessing & can get you into a lot of trouble, KK is even worse & an ace comes up on the flop everytime eeek… I’ll never check\slowplay preflop with AA.