Hard to play

I truly find it very— very hard to just play a darn game here — it moves me all around the sites but nothing about I JUST WANT play ,very hard to just play on this site!!! TAKES ME 3 TO 5 MINUTES TO OPEN A GAME?

Hi tbird,
Could you please give a little more info about your problem… are you trying to play ring, s-n-g, or MTT? Can you describe what happens when you try to play??

My personal experience is I have never needed to wait long to find a ring game with an open seat and of course you have to wait for s-n-g’s to fill up before the game starts, and MTT’s all start at a specific time if the minimum number of players have registered (usually 2, 4 , or 6 you can check the tournament lobby for this).

Please help us to understand what is going on and we shall try to help. :smiley: