Bug/ Issue With Available Betting Options

Hey guys, I noticed a bug with the software whilst playing today. In this hand, I was only given the options to call or raise the flop after the bet and all in even though I should be able to raise. Mr Jim raises to a size that does not constitute a legal raise by going all in on the flop, but because I have not placed a bet so far in the round I should still be able to raise. Please fix this.


To my understanding, because the person ahead of you only called, it takes the raise out of the scenario until next betting round, had the person before you raised then you also would have been able to raise, this has been common from what I’ve seen on most sites, but I don’t know for sure here.

Yeah it counts as a call but even if they had just called I should be able to raise because I haven’t put in any bet yet.

Hi @MattyBall

This issue has been raised before. Have a look at this thread maybe it can answer your question.