Prevented from acting. UI bug or poker rules?

During the river I wanted to raise back. Opponent bet 800, and I typed in 1100 in the box, whereafter the raise button got grayed out and there was no way to ungray it.

Sadly there was not enough time to act due to this, and the system ended up folding my hand!

This is (as far as I remember, the second time it happens). What is the rule here about raises? Or is there a UI bug?

He bet 820, you had to raise at least that much, so to 1,640 or more.

I don’t type bet numbers, but I am guessing you typed less than the minimum and this locked out the raise button. Retyping 1,640 or more should have fixed it.


well said .

Thank you. But 1100 is more than 820. So I should be able to call the 820 and raise additional 1100 (which is what I wanted to do). This is not the problem.

And … how do you control the betting amounts? The 50% pot or 100% pot are useless here (and usually I want to bet 1/3 pot or 2/3 pot anyway). The slider is always useless, it just jumps to humongous numbers as soon as you touch it.

Call 820 and raise 1100 would be 1920. Your 1100 would have been a call of 820 and a raise of only 380.

I always thought a re-raise to 1100 or an additional 280 above the 820 should’ve been allowed.

I do use the slider but often times I will click the max or 1/2 pot and slide to desired amount. But, you will have to do it within the time allowed before getting timed out.

I enter my bet amounts by clicking to the right or left of the slider. Each click to the right adds 1 BB. Each click to the left subtracts 1 BB.