You're Lucky Hand

Do you have a specific hand that always brings you good luck? When I first started playing Poker in 2015 I always found good luck when dealt K,8. I’m not sure why but for some reason it seemed like I always won the hand when dealt K,8.

Do you have a lucky hand that brings you good luck?



Marc, maybe it’s because you like Kate. Seriously, I have a few hands I hate, like JJ–it looks so nice and loses so often, Grrr–but no favorites. They’re all conditional on the situation.


To this day, I have to remind myself that Q-10 is not special! I don’t know why I bonded with those two cards as a special signal to me. lol


K9 suited, because I like dogs!!

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I have a special relationship with 8’s. Something about those endless circles (curves) lol.

8 5 off. I’ve always seemed to be lucky with it.