Your Poker Dream Opponent

If you could play against any poker pro who would you like to play against and why?

I would like to play against Daniel Negreanu because he is one of my favorite poker players and one of the first pro’s I started watching when I first began playing poker.



I think I’d want to play against Helmuth. I’d do some fool thing and get lucky and then listen to him rant for ten minutes. Better than stand up comedy, Ma.


I would like to play Stu Ungar, mostly because he’s dead, and I figure I can probably beat a dead guy almost every time.


Vanessa Rousso, so she can stare at me with those eyes like she did Tony G. here. probably lose all my chips, but I still win getting look at her.

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Victoria Coren Mitchell. Brains, manners, looks and incredible ability to read her opponents. Catch her TV show Only Connect!


Without replying to the OP I will reply to the title only… my dream poker opponent is the guy who raises pre flop way too liberally and calls 3! but over folds to c-bets.

True, SPG, but think how long you’d have to wait while Stu thinks about calling your raise.


i like playing against players on here who do not show up…i was in a head up match for 1 mil one time and it seemed like it took forever to get all the chips from the guy who did not show up…but i perservered…


Daniel Negreanu so I can chat with him freely about poker and other stuff .