You are holding a pair - now what?

ok i would call a villain who call your raise/3 bet with 8-2suited a maniac but this is part of the game, there is always a potential win rate for those players but it cant be a serious way to get a winning player. Of course on a few days there are many scary boards with a high rate of flush draws this is online poker and we all have to live with this fact of cards generator.

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From experience, your pair is only as good as you think it is. If you get a hunch…but a bunch. Remember, that’s why they call it gambling.

I don’t think the site cheats as much as there is really no penalty for a BINGO player,they simply go allin and hope .LOL

I always go all in on AA and if anyone calls I will lose at least half of the time,in other words I hate AA.LOL

I like to say that poker is a game of making pairs!
So whenever I get pocket pair I try to see the flop. (of course I fold sometimes)
Once I know your pair’s strength based on how players acted pre-flop, it tends to be a good hand for me.

I think you can even calculate it with the 4Q method

Nice topic!
I think its a nice way to get an idea about how strong is you pocket pairs.
Along the reading and the table circunstances, its a nice method to improve your chances.

In my opinion any pair you have in your hands can be a winner or loser, obviously the better the pair you have the more chances you have to win the hand, but it depends on you and how you play your hand, and there is always luck as a factor,