Yearly MTT LB prizes

My suggestion is to raise the yearly MTT LB prizes.
As they are in the moment - 1M for the first place, they dont stimulate players to be active whole year.
For example if i win monthly MTT LB I’ll get 500K. Only with 2 months I’ll get the amount that is paid for yearly first place.


That’s true! If one comes in first place on the monthly leaderboard for more than 2 months during a year, they wouldn’t even need to fight for the yearly one as they would have already won much more than it offers. I agree the prizes should be more proportional.

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This is a good point, and one we discussed in one of our meetings today. While we won’t change anything for 2018, the team will evaluate this in November to see if we can offer better incentives in 2019.

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There has been no change in the prizes of the yearly leaderboard for 2019? Are the currently listed prizes fixed or will they change later?

We dropped the ball on this one! We intended to send out a player survey on our leagues and leaderboards in November, but other projects ended up taking priority. We now have this survey in the works, and based on the feedback we get, we’ll be making adjustments for this year.

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