Yahoo pop up

I leave my yahoo messenger open while being here on RP. That was as soon as someone sends a private message to me here yahoo sends me a popup saying who sent the message and when. Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Report button in-game to alert moderators to inappropriate/abusive chat by a play… topic.

I like the fact that I get alerts so undoing this isn’t something I want to do “Receive new message alerts” Undo this, then you not get it anymore. Its work as should. all good.

Oke, first , I split the topic, put it in question, but Im not sure.

So, the get notified about PM-s is ok by you. But you may not like yahoo pop up ?

This is my correct understanding?

Or your comment about the moderated user got the same noification or something?

I have my popup blocker turned on so popups is not a problem