XP system to gain chips or access exclusive high level games

I think it would be a brilliant idea if there is some form of XP implemented. it could be based apon winning hands, smart folding, getting out free, bad beats, bluffs and alot more. The reason why this crossed my mind is because i used to play WSOP full house pro on the xbox360 and i thought some of the things that theyve done would be good on replaypoker. Also with more benefits such as this it would drive me from ever becoming bored. with a never ending XP level which give you bonusses when you level up it will bring new ways of obtaining extra chips/bonuses

rather than the awards which are very limited.

Thanks for the feedback Meekez. In fact we’re working on a brand new achievements system, which will incorporate XP, levels and badges. I think you’re going to like it! Should be live before the end of the year.

thankyou for the reply i will be looking forward to this new system