X or bet river

link is a replay and has results, hh is in long form beneath the link if you want to read that first.


10nl 117 bb’s effective

H bb with JsTc… folds to sb who completes, H .44, sb calls

Flop (.88) TdJh8c… sb x, H .22, sb x/r .64, H call

Turn (2.16) 8h… sb .6, H call

River (3.36) Kh… sb x, H?

I think your play is fine and IMHO wise ( what r u going to gain?) if your opponent was going to bluff they would have done it ( I prob would have lol at least 1/2 pot b/c of ur tentative betting given the board ) … Now You could bet your 2 pair and givin this board it would be a bluff … looks to me like your opponent is setting you up by raising then just fairly small bet on turn like they r flush fishing or hit trips … after the fact we find that to be untrue … but what do I know) … U have Full House Flush Trips and a pos Str8 and pos 2 bigger pair lookin you right in the face !!!

The bigger question to ponder is … What do you do if he bets the river?

** I know that a few of the poker think they are “geniuses” will start talkin EV and bluff ranges and all that fancy make them selves feel important jargon (which I understand and is part of the process …I just don’t use it b/c I’m not that full of myself and I feel it best to explain my reasoning in plain language … But its like this Hands tell stories and u have to read between the lines with the info you have been given. In this case if your opponent had finished their story by betting the river they would have won or you would have to make a misinformed hero call based on what he was representing … but everyone is an arm chair QB after the fact lol

FYI … You know that is a hand from Global Poker? LOL … all good

But it is amazing how the “new” Replay tables look and seem to react EXACTLY like Global … Except it seems that Global invested in the RITZ version look and Replay went with the pay by the hour flop house version lol

Best of Luck at the Tables … Take Care … The Goat

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You stated that if he bet the river … It would be an easy call … ( I edited this to fill in anyone reading this what I was talking about since you deleted your answer) … Then why did;t u bet??? With that board and the FACT that you are holding 6th best hand … Yea ok lol

sorry I don’t understand what you mean with this statement… my tentative betting given the board?

depends on sizing I think. what do you think he’s x/r flop with and down betting turn?

yeah, I played this hand on Global Poker

betting after x to does not get called by bluffs so he has to be able to call with worse value… what value can he x/c river with? If I bet river I open the betting and give him the option to x/r me off of my equity.

I mean that you simply called his bet there fore the next card he has payed for at no extra cost … the K of hearts is the best card in the deck for him(me) to bluff b/c everybody is afraid of AK and his story could have been written believably with AK as character

Exactly like I said you made the right move here i.e my statement what do you have to gain and honesty I would have bet full pot to make statement … but that’s me … and your opponent was bluffing the whole time (telling a story) well I would have finished the story if that was the plan and if that wasn’t and he bet to see the 2 outter … You need to play at this guys table as much as u can … as simple as that

Bet small, 25%-35% pot on the river. He can easily have something like QJ, J9, T9, 99 that will feel forced to call a small bet.


Here is an example of what I mean by finishing the story … I called the flop raise b/c of prior knowledge is all I will say lol


Why bet at all ??? b/c he could have a crap load of hands that beat you !!! and u LOSE the 25-35%
@love2eattacos u are saying to make a bet to hope that he calls u with with a worse hand with u have … when u have the 6th at best hand ???

This hand is simple don’t bet … u either collect or lose
you bet … they fold u collect … they have it and u lose 25-35% more!! … PERIOD so therefore checking is the best play here

@love2eattacos Why would u give such crappy advice ??!! … oh yea sry b/c you are one of those poker “geniuses” and wanted to put a “low ranked” player therefore not on your level in their place like @Goatsoup

This is why I don’t answer these b/c of this type of bs from the “geniuses” … I have read a lot of the “advice” given by the “geniuses” and honestly way to much of it is just hot wind that I believe is not helpful and is more hurtful to the player reading it … And just like your “advice” here was only placed to stroke your false ego … I wish more players would call BS on some of the FAKE NEWS that flows here … SAD

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Not sure what I said to offend you @Goatsoup? OP asked a question so I gave my response with my reasoning.


And did you not read what I said … Your advice sir was terrible Sir !!! … Are you to far up your own … that you can’t just admit that and move on? SMH

And the DANGER is that when a player see My answer which is totally correct … and compares to Yours which is just flat Wrong … They will look at our “rank” and determine that Your Wrong advice is Gospel … You get my drift

And FYI My “rank” has nothing to do with my poker knowledge … Ask around

I spend a lot of time on this site - both in the forums and in the chat - trying to help others improve at this game that we all love.

I’m always happy to learn and improve. For that reason, I’m also always happy to have a serious strategy discussion with someone with a different perspective from mine. If my advice is wrong, I’m delighted to be corrected.

However, your tone in this thread comes across as very accusatory and aggressive. I don’t feel like it is going to be possible to have a civilized conversation with you about poker because you seem to have a chip in your shoulder about high ranked players and have decided to attack me personally.

Best of luck out there, see you at the tables.

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That was not my point at all … Did u miss the part about the DANGER of your 2 cents regarding THIS question and As I can see by your responce u refuse to be corrected and simply retract your Terrible advice regarding this matter … All Good and by dismissing me as having a “chip on my shoulder” with high ranked players is not true nor is it my point … But like I stated before just b/c someone uses all sorts of symbols to make their point does not help the average player … but by them having to come ask what does that mean … gives the teacher a superior position i.e knowledge is power … I understand that is bit off subject but it is part of the problem

All I ask is for you to think about what I have stated from a ground level view …

Sorry if I came across wrong … But the only other time I took the time to give my advice on here the same EXACT thing happened … and then even after proving my theory as being sound and correct … I was dismissed … and the MISINFORMATION I guess remained Gospel … which is the only reason I called BS here

Take care of yourself and yours and I will try to do the same … The Goat

@pokerplayer73 ,
please explain thier bets, was this ring/tourny,
is globalpoker an app, and free or real chips ??

.22 1.36 11.45, what is being represented ???

Goat, I think you went overboard on Tacos… just my opinion.


I didn’t at all … did u miss my point here …

And the DANGER is that when a player see My answer which is totally correct … and compares to Yours which is just flat Wrong … They will look at our “rank” and determine that Your Wrong advice is Gospel … You get my drift

But all Good … I just need to remember my place

Take Care Sassy … The Goat

Maybee Goat, You are confusing Love2eatTacos with dayman ???
You say we should call out BS, so I am …

Tacos, Goat, and Sassy … play on 3 different levels… Who am I to say if any of the 3 are good/bad , they are just different. I dont use all the flowery terms either Goat, but I know what they mean and why they might be important.

I’ve played more against you than I have Tacos, while you’re no ba-donk-a-donk, even I admit Tacos is the superior player of the 3, even if I say you’re better than I am. :roll_eyes:
Goat, I fully agree some players talk in “speak” that goes right over most ppls head. I like your direct approach to an explanation. That certainly gives you no right, to attack Tacos like that for no reason, when he didn’t mention you in any way, nor was his post in reply to 1 of your posts…

We all have an opinion, and the right to have said opinion…
Just a little respect between ppl on a human level , goes along way.
No, you both were not 100% correct in your answers !!!

( PS: Goat, in your supplied hand… you raise preflop and bet flop … and get raised, what do you do, just flatcall… then on turn you overbet, where the only hand thats gonna call that bet … is gonna beat you, unless you have the Nuts. But if you have the nuts, no reason to overbet anything… you wanna get paid. Personally, I think you used the scare card to bluff, when your “read” was your opponent was weak. )

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Huh? Come on MAAAAAN!

Global Poker is a real money site that is run on some kind of sweepstakes thingy. It is not an app and this hand is from a cash/ring game The hand is played at .05¢/.1¢ or 10nl. The bets you give would be SC.22 SC1.36 and SC11.45 and are equivalent to .22¢ $1.36 and $11.45.


I think I agree with you @love2eattacos, a small bet here could get paid off by worse J’s often at these stakes. I like 1.1. I don’t think T’9 or 99 are calling pretty much ever though as played as they both block what would be a big part of H’s bet/call flop call turn range.

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Sassy … I was just going to drop this and go back to my place … but since you seem to have called out my BS I feel I need to explain myself further.

I was not confusing anyone my reaction was towards @love2eattacos answer to the question asked by @pokerplayer73 regarding their play on this SPECIFIC hand [https://play.globalpoker.com/gp/10/hand/5e825d6e3869ac0001ba07d6 ] … In which @Goatsoup had given my advice previously.

MY advice was based on the facts known as the hand played out @pokerplayer73 is holding JsTc , “V” is holding (unknown) … The BBs in play here do not matter as both players have 100+ stacks and the betting level does not reflect a major confrontation here … @pokerplayer73 bets 2BB “V” calls … Flop comes TdJh8c … @pokerplayer73 bets 2BB “V” Raises 6BB @pokerplayer73 just calls (so known @pokerplayer73 flopped 2 pair JJTT8 but "V’ Raises with (Unknown) (“representing” AJ A10 A8 88 QJ KQ K8 97 AK? the list goes on but these r the major players here we wont speak about suits to many combos … remember this might as well been a limped pot) Turn comes 8h making the board TdJh8c8h ( giving the classic as I say classic Replay look) … and “V” bets/raises 6BB and @pokerplayer73 just calls … River comes Kh … and “V” checks? looks like a classic Goat set up to me (remember I do not know “V” hand but @pokerplayer73 doesn;t either!!!) and many players would say … time to bet “for value” with their head in a vice w/the run out and a check on the rvr lol … so what u bet small bud 1/4 (which isn’t on the pick list and honestly would be insulting) after the battle we just went thru I @Goatsoup plant you right there with a knock out punch game over u fold … been done lets say more then once ( been “caught” a few times but thats poker … but they had the goods not 6th best hand) but playin this hand from the “bluffer” side b/c we find out he is holding 77 and I hope he is
“representing” the “goods” and not prayin for the inside str8 ( which it looks like he is lol)

So as I said the BEST play on the river here is exactly what he did check back … b/c he had 2 pair … Quads(unlikey but happens) Flushes ,Str8s.Trips.and a bigger 2 pair lookin him right in the face and the “V” had Raised flop and Raised turn which put more crap in the way of @pokerplayer73s flopped 2 pair and then checks river to me looks like set up … but I’m just a 3 legged donk that goes by name of @Goatsoup but honestly for 1 i woulda folded on flop … but if my plan for this hand was to bluff (which looks like the plan here) I’m going all the way and if u say you woulda called me ur full of crap with that board and @pokerplayer73 holdings … Cause like I say @Goatsoup only bluffs 1/4 of time out of respect …