Wy can players play on multple tables while we wait to get a seat?

Wy can players play on multple tables while we wait to get a seat?

Thats a good question. I do believe, that players should be at one table only. But, as it is now. They can be at more than one. They should change it though. I see players at 3 or 4 tables at a time. That can slow a game down waiting on them to play where you might be.

It’s pretty common these days to be able to play on multiple tables, certainly in wager games. I also think since we have a small player base, it helps to increase liquidity to the tables, if everyone played just one table at a time, there would be fewer tables to choose to play on. I understand it can slow the game down, but we can help reduce this by making it easier to play multiple tables simultaneously and get alerted more readily when it’s almost your turn or is your turn to play. Thanks for the feedback though.

At this moment we are not well informed when is our turn but when our turn is almost over… however, we need something better , like pop-up table when is time to play.

After rethinking this, I dont think any players should be playing at more than 3 tables at a time. The reason is, even if you are on a waiting list to play. It could be hours before your seated. I do see members at like 5 or more tables. This takes away the chances for others to play. No one is going to wait around for probably more than 30 minutes, maybe less. There are those who just dont leave. I understand it is first come first to play. But to limit how many tables you can be in, would help alot and it would give others a chance to be seated faster.

it would be nice if you could tile your windows

Agreed! This is something we’re hoping to do with the new html5 client that will replace the flash game client. Should be ready before February.