WWT - The Colosseum

WWT - The Colosseum
The leaderboard will award 4 million free chips to the Top 30 players with the most average tournament points earned on all mid-stake tournaments.
Players must have participated in at least 10 mid-stake tournaments to qualify for the Leaderboard.

Now its only been a couple hours & prolly 5 MTTs in,
But it might be nice to know how " T-pts " are earned …
The Leaderboard shows chips… not points… does that mean you must cash to get them ?

All it says is “average of t-pts earned”, how praytell do we earn them ?

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Aug 6, 11:30pm - Aug 7, 12:07am (MST so was after midnight EST)
Grand Canyon
Finished 22
Entrants 45
Tournament Points 7582
Total Cost 20000
Return 0
Net W/L -20000

So you see, I’m think’n I made the bubble barely … then I go check the leaderboard, and I basically got a DNF, cause I got no points at all… I don’t mind play’n by the rules, but when we don’t know what the rules are, its kinda hard to play by them…

Leaderboard shows :
Rank -
Name Sassy_Sarah (1 of 10 qualify’n MTTs, 0 highest, 0 lowest, 0 Average )
Score -
Prize -

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There is an issue on the leaderboard and this is caused by a manual error on the setup. This leaderboard is supposed to rank players on the average tournament points they earn, not on the average of play chips they earn. We are currently working on fixing it.

In regards to how the leaderboard works. Players are ranked on the average number of tournament points they earn playing the medium stake tournaments. In addition, each player must play at least 10 tournaments over the 7 days of the promotion in order to qualify for the final leaderboard.

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ok, but how are they earned, whats the formula or criteria… top 5, top 10, top 20, only cashes ??? I understand its the "Average of " with min of 10 … but how are they calculated, all other promos have told us, not this 1.

I watched, after the 1st one ended … lowest was 15000 and top was like 200k++ , I would like to know how the T-Pts are earned & calculated…


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I guess after reading 5 times… the simple answer is…
Sarah, they are calculated the same way the Med Monthly Leaderboard is ( ie- the formula for t-pts ), but we currently made a mistake and its using chips won, not t-pts earned…

I understand “average of =>10 MTTs”, that still won’t tell me the formula used for calculating T-pts in the 1st place… will it ?

I need to know how to earn points, as my goal is to have NONE of my 10 MTTs be 0 pts…

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sassy you so funny sorbet green

What does that mean ?

The leaderboard was fixed yesterday.

This leaderboard type has been developed following the feedback we have received on the Gemstone Leagues. This type was suggested by @whoeverit (thanks again for the recommendation).

A few things to note:

  • Tournament points are earned when finishing in the top 50% of tournament. The formula remains the same.
  • The leaderboard rank players by looking at the average number of tournament points earned in the qualifying tournaments.
  • Qualifying tournaments are all medium stake multi-table tournaments, meaning all multi-table tournaments (excluding satellites and Championship events) featuring a buy-in between 5,001 and 49,999 chips.
  • A player has to play at least 10 qualifying tournaments in order to qualify and place in the final leaderboard.
  • The player can track the number of qualifying tournaments (and the average tournament points earned) at any time on the promotion page.

Great explanation and that was fast :+1:t2:

Even I understand it lol :joy:

I resisted the urge to play past 10 MTTs, let the chips fall where they may… I think this wouldda been alot funner if you just capp’d it @ 10, with a min of 10…

Basically play 10 MTTs, med stakes, and who did the best … thats how I play’d it.

(edit) Congrats to the winner, in advance… its not me.

Just to put this in perspective…
in a 15k MTT with 100 ppl … 13th place - 14,251 … 14th place - 13,732
So you have to average that every MTT… to be the current leader ( barely ).