WSOP Flash Back AA vs KK vs KK

WSOP Flash Back AA vs KK vs KK

This would have been a time I could have folded KK. Labat had no reason to call here with his stack depth after Manion shipped it.

BTW - Doug Polk disagrees with me so I’m probably wrong but there’s no way I could make the call on the Final Table bubble and those pay jumps.

I don’t know if I could have folded or not in the moment? Id feel sick but if you know your opponent is only shoving aces, whats the saying, the chips lost are more valuable than the chips gained :grin:

I wish I was in that position to see what I would have done :slight_smile: Im sure I would have foolishly called with my 3%

Im surprised to see KK vs AA alone has almost 19% (depending on the suit)