Wrong Country Flag

Hi Everyone!

We received reports that the wrong country flag is showing in some profiles. This issue has been reported to our Tech Team and I will update this thread as soon as we get a fix. Thank you for your patience.


I am a swede but its ok to have the Netherlands flag for a day!!


I was told the ISP you use controls the country flags.


Hi @lildevil109,

Yes, that is correct, but the wrong flag in profiles brought up today might be an issue in our end due to an update our Team just deployed. We’re still looking into it and hopefully we can get a fix soon. We just want to inform everyone that we’re aware there might be an issue.


Yet another Brexit problem.

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Yes. Its true… It appears that I’m located in the Netherlands as well, since yesterday and I’m not in the Netherlands, but in my own country.
I use the same internet provider, same connection, not using anything else. Until yesterday it was fine, since then it appears the Netherlands. Don’t know why … I just thought I’ll announce you guys :slight_smile:


but currently I’m living in Canada, causing the ISP to show a Canadian flag in my profile.
Make sure you don’t tell anyone I’m bluffing, ok!

Me too. I come from Laos and i have Netherlands flag.

My country flag changes but that is due to the VPN I forget to turn off when logging in to replay!

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A wrong flag aparece when players use a VPN to disguise their location.

I use a VPN and my country stays the same.

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I let mine choose its always either USA or Netherlands Proton VPN is free to use that will allow you to connect to USA or netherlands also

I think my case is worse.
I wrote my bio as: from Los Angeles, California GREECE.
I am crazy!
Is it because of where I am, on vacation, or does it just allocates countries as it pleases?

I think it uses your IP address to geolocate you, then displays the flag of the country that IP address is from. If you log on from Greece, it thinks you live in Greece.

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Correct. As soon as you open up an internet browser, you begin to leave digital footprints behind you that the sites you visit can use to track your activities and recognize who you are.

We’re not talking about some crazy government data mining operation. This is totally legal, above board tracking done by the sites and services you use every day. Data collected includes your current location, which links you’re clicking on, whether you’re on desktop or mobile. And that’s just the beginning.

The information leak starts with your browser, which reports various bits of basic data to the sites you visit by default.

As soon as you appear online, for instance, you start reporting an IP address your particular entry point to the internet, which can be used to approximate your location and then assign a country flag.

When you use your vpn (i just checked) not only does it change your flag on replay but also when you check your profile it will say as mine now does i live in Hull United States of America if i changed it to say china it would then say i live Hull , china! lol

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how do you change your vpn?

My flag is always China (which is where I am). It never displays the flag of where my VPN is located, which is always either Japan, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

Am so sorry to put a post relating to a post that was not posted here. Someone asked why their nationality was shown under one that was not theirs- well if you live in an area on borders internationally that bounces the cell towers that can affect it

You can do it on your own but it’s best to get a subscription service.

Google it!

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