Wow - Complicated or is that just me

May be just me but this appears a little complicated although , like Poker , a little study won’t hurt .
I may be a rare user of ’ Community ’ but looking forward to the occasional ‘dip in’ as player numbers increase .
Luck to all who meet me in game !

well thankyou and welcome Tinamou.

I have been around a couple of weeks and finding how to sign in to a game seems hit or miss. Also I can’t seem to find any lower price games other than holdem? I think you need to get your software more in line with POKERSTARS.NET?

I think they do that as a test to see if you are the type of player they want on this site…

look at the bottom of the dashboard window…

It will show you how many players are seated at a table as well as how many are online/logged in at any given MOMENT.

Now do the math and see how many players MAY be trying for the same table or tourney as you are at any given moment. Now, factor in the possibility that you have a slower than usual connection to your provider at any given moment.

You probably see where I’m going with this.

and FYI - I have nothing to due with this site at all, other than a player.

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Finally taken the time to sort myself out . I was never unhappy with the game but its setup differs from most other sites . Just took me a while . Thank you for not being too harsh but maybe you can see where I am going with this !

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