Wouldn't it be fun

Wouldn’t it be fun if players could choose theme music that played when they joined a game? Like when Johnny Carson welcomed Bob Hope, the band always played a few bars of **Thanks For the Memories** while Hope walked on stage. I might pick **The Impossible Dream** or maybe **The Sorcerer’s Apprentice** for myself. A dancer might pick **42nd Street**. I think a lot of players would pick **The Marine’s Hymn**. Someone aggressive would surely pick **The Lonely Bull**. Someone trying to bluff innocence might pick **Mary Had a Little Lamb**. A player who consistently has hands just good enough to suck them in and lose could pick **Second Hand Rose**.
A few musical pieces ought to be reserved for use only on special occasions. If someone wins a tournament, the program could automatically play **We Are the Champions**. If someone takes a bad beat, the program could play **Stormy Weather**. Any time an all-in-preflop bettor joins a game, the program could play the **Loony Tunes theme**; if a second all-in-preflop bettor joins the game, the program could play the **Three Stooges theme**.
Yeah, I know it wouldn’t be practical but wouldn’t it be fun?

My apologies for posting this in such a difficult to read format. I wrote it in a different program, copied and pasted it here. It looked perfectly normal when I pasted it in, but now… Sorry about that.

It would certainly be fun, Alan. :slight_smile:
There are no limits to the fantasy. Very self-confident players could join a table to the sound of “Here Comes the King”, or “Here Comes the Queen”. The reaching of the final table could be announced with “That’s the Final Countdown” (or maybe with something less apocalyptic). When an angry player is being uncivil, I’m sure “Respect” sung by Aretha Franklyn would immediately remind them to calm down. And when a debate is about to escalate, what else but the notes of “Ode to Joy” by Ludwig van Beethoven could restore a peaceful atmosphere?

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Just give me some fun table emotes!!

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Think this one sums it up


@grapevine my thoughts exactly. I was just thinking about it :heart_eyes:

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Phil Harris would have came in with this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aufCfiS0AA

don’t know if it helps, but you can turn on youtube when playing poker. you select whatever music you like on youtube and let it play when you play poker.

i like to listen to nightwish when i’m playing poker and it works well.

Thank you for your suggestion, yiazmat.
I often try to listen to some music on youtube during a game, but after a while the “click, click, click” and all the other noises at the table get on my nerves, so I soon turn it off. :slight_smile:
Maybe I mistook Alan, but I thought he didn’t mean music in general, but sort of “leitmotivs”, i. e. specific musical themes to characterize players or particular poker situations. An idea probably hard to implement, but certainly funny.

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100% correct miri, you may have The Ride of the Valkyrie for yours with my compliments, Ron (Alan25main)

Wow, thank you, Ron! I am not a Wagner fan, but my appearance at a poker table to the sound of that compelling music, would be spectacular! :slight_smile:

yw :slight_smile:

ah ok, i understand. i just interpretated it as being the music alan liked. so i guessed that was the point.
so just take youtube as an off topic idea then haha :grin: