Worst flush ever

See, this is precisely why we opted for online poker!


Let’s hope he comes back from his bad beat on top of the throne again.

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Oh cause I thought you were talking about a poker flush, but you were actually talking about a real flush. I see what you did there. :sunglasses:

We got puns for daaaaaaays.

How long did he get is the question.Was he done for fraud, theft,false representation…or what?Have to know or the simple fact of prison time is pretty meaningless. p.s.I’m NOT a lawyer!

Was this in the U.S.A.(and in Nevada,Atlantic City,or one of the Indian casinos one hears of…)?That will make a BIG difference too.Not that any joint is keen on people trying to ■■■■ them…!

I heard they were $2 chips, so I guess he dropped a deuce


He was given 5 years, plus nearly $500,000 in restitution to two casinos in Atlantic City. He plead guilty to trademark counterfeiting and criminal mischief, so it’s hard to say what they might have gone for if it went to trial.