Worst bad beat yet quad 4 loser

i open with pocket 9s. he has Ax
flop is 944. cool. off to the races
turn is a 4. ok. maybe he has the remaining 4, but he’s been betting like he’s on a draw. i shove, he shoves his slightly small stack
river is a 4
i’m left with less than a thousand chips. i recovered and actually won the SnG, but it was really hard to fold the next few hands, until i got a hand i could double up with.
still don’t know what he was staying in with, but i guess it worked out for him.

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Check out this bad beat. Straight Flush over Straight Flush :joy:


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What’s even sadder is this WOULDN’T qualify as a bad beat in any casino I know of–the losing hand only used one card toward his straight flush. Triple ouch!!!

Congratulations on the comeback. That’s what really matters.

after the hand, i folded 4 or 5 straight hands. what really surprised me was how that felt. i was like a boxer, knocked down, bouncing up off the canvas, wanting to mix it up again, but no cards came, so i had to sit and watch. then it got funny.