Won my first MTT Saturday

I joined late to a MTT that had started up a few minutes before I logged into the site, and ended up winning the whole tournament.

One thing I noticed, joining late, I started the game with about 10 players already eliminated from the game, before they had a chance to represent any threat to me in the tournament. Also, I started with the regular buy-in, which put me about in the middle of the chip leaderboard: About half of the players had won some chips, and about half had lost. This starting position put me in a better position than about half of the remaining field.

I still had to play very good poker to beat everyone else in the field, including the best players in the tourney, who (presumably) made it to the final table. I actually eliminated 7 of the 8 opponents at the final table, so I was obviously playing well and getting excellent cards.

But I have to wonder, is there any downside to joining a MTT in progress during the late registration period?

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