Won a hand but not credited

mtt bank roll builder on going just before I was knockedout I won a hand which was not credit ited

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Can you tell us a bit more about what happened. You said you won a hand but you weren’t credited, so did the chips go to you, but your stack didn’t increase, or did another player receive the winnings (in your view incorrectly)? When did that happen exactly? Did you make a note of the hand id? Did you say anything in the chat at the time?

Was playing a hand, won it but I didn’t notice until playing the next hand that I hadn’t been credited … it was just under 11K. With what I already had, I should have ended up with about 14K but only 4K showing. Played another hand then got knocked out.

So yes, stack didn’t increase … don’t know if another player got my chips. It was mtt bank roll builder that started between 1 & 1.30 p.m. (UK time) which makes it 8 - 830 your time. Didn’t comment in chat, didn’t make note of time.

Appreciate you might not be able to do anything but wanted to say something!

I will definitely make a note of hand ids in future.

Thanks for the info. Tracking down hands in tournaments is tricky right now, when we add some sort of Activity Report for tourneys it’ll get a lot easier.

I did try and locate the hand for you, but I didn’t manage to. Please do keep a note next time of the hand id and we’ll be able to investigate it immediately.

For now I’ll mark it as not a problem.

thank you