Winter Olympic quality vs quantity

The winter games were fun but I did not play in most of the events because they did not have a “First 7 leader board” The first 7 leader board shows your quality of play over 7 tournaments and awards you for a high level of play. While the general leader board is for the people that play 20 hours a day and get points for just showing up enough time.
I played against a number of those players and quite honestly they did not play well. Many did the all in thing over and over. I hope replay does more events that reward for quality rather than quantity.


same with me. played a few of RWG’s, but sat out a lot because promotion was 24/7 play. poker is about skill and doing well in tournaments like a best of 7. going all in and playing as many as you can is not skill.

It’s as simple as this… If u want to win the first 7 then u play the 1st 7 … If YOU try to win the overall points for these types of tourneys u must play more … Don’t say there is little skill because YOU don’t have it … I have the same respect for the winner of the 100 meter dash as of the Marathon

Yes I personally won a couple of these … Also a Gold in a 1st of 7 … The Marathons were challenges from other players and in those Events I decided I would not lose to them … I also won 7 more Medals in other events of different types which there were MANY … Losers seem to complain the most … While winners answer the bell and do what it takes to prevail given the challenge before them

** I find it quite rich that the Losers whom didn’t have the “skill” to win ANY Medals would comment against others players that did …

In Poker … Your King The Goat

As you know Goat I don’t play these but I say you do vvery well . However you seem to lack skill in bank management lol
Love Ya bud.

Your are right on that !!! … Take Care Bud … cu round

not really “complaining” just saying don’t care for those types of promotions as I don’t have the privilage to play 24/7, but congrats to players who do have the privilege to sit at a computer and play 24/7. a best of x amount show who are consistent players. they give a fair chance for everyone to compete in these of leader boards

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I Totally Agree … I think a 2 tier system like is done in the monthly leaderboards … 1st 7 and Best of 30 Would be better in the future … But a player can only compete within the rules presented at the time …

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I must have gotten your goat! First off I got two medals in the only two days I played. I got a Silver behind your Gold in the Biathlon #3 and I won Gold in the Bobsleigh #9. So to call me a loser is quite rich… LOL.
As far as my comments go I stick by them. Look at some of the top point scorers on the leader board and then look how they did in the top 7 of that event. Some averaged only 5000pts. That’s almost what you get for coming in 9th place out of 9. That’s like giving a participation trophy out for showing up. I’m just asking that Replay consider having a “First 7 game leader board” for all games. It shows who is playing at a high level rather than who is playing in the most tournaments.
Regards as always your King!

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Good for you and Congrats on your winnings … I guess I just assumed that a winner would not complain and a loser would … Well I guess you proved my point by complaining about the structure of the competition that you lost … But it is what it is and the final results of the RWG truly allow me to state that … Goatsoup is the King of Replay Multi Tournament Poker … (FYI … Goatsoup also WON the RSOP Event #7 League of Legends Multi Tournament) Which made me King ( That was stated by my competitors whom respect my play as I do theirs )

RPOS League Of Legends
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Best of Luck at the Tables …

in agreement with coal and pokerdude , no skill. So call me a loser as you probably will .Got my country to 2nd on the medals won table.anyway.



In no way are you a loser you tried … but just to keep the standing correct …
** The Winter Games GOAT Challenge was to take The Country of GOAT out of 2nd**

  1. USA 67 (Adjusted 92-25)
  2. The Country of GOAT 25
  3. South Africa 15
  4. Poland 13
  5. Serbia 12

Best of Luck at the tables … Your King The Goat


All “Marathon” style events play the same way, in the end it is quantity over quality, but quality helps. I agree skill really is removed, but you can’t fault those who are willing to put in the time to win. No matter what the metrics, the smart player play’s … to those goals if they wanna win.

I must comment, because you are not understanding perhaps that once you get your 7 , you are back to a 1 day play your guts out to win marathon. I personally as with others, open up my game alot. No point to slog thru short stacked, and only play those tables where you grab an early lead and can press the table.

This effects the before 7 player in two ways… 1st, unless/untill these players bust out, most hands will cost more than normal to play, and they just might have anything. 2nd, the upside is these players will … bull in a china shop, go thru the table and create alot of variance, win or lose, early on. So exploit that.

Take the current promotion… St. Patricks thingy… running for 1 week.
Yes, marathon points … but also marathon wins only tracked.

This should favor a player like you. The marathon’rs will clear out the riff raff, or feed you easy chips… and once its down to say 5 ppl, with 1/2 the ppl gone you’re wide open to go for the win. Certainly if nothing else, paying top 3, I doubt you’ll be losing chips by playing in these…lolol.

I liked the MTT days, 6 per day, in Winter Games.
Not only is it you’re 1st 6, its you’re only 6…

Whenever I think about promo formats, it brings be back to moving away from marathons and having contests for future formats. Let the playerbase brainstorm creative and skillfull promotion formats.

Just remember Kingcoal, before you bash another strategy or say ppl are playing badly, please remember the context within … they are playing in. I agree, if you don’t know why I’m shoving alot or playing any 2 cards, to the untrained eye it does appear as bad play… untill you drill down and understand why they’re playing so LAG (loose/agressive)


OK, Sorry to Sassy and the Goat. Clearly you both are good players. My original point was for Replay to add a best of “x” games when doing a promotion. I very much enjoy Replay but I have a life other than this.
My only complaint about some players that play the marathon portion of the game go all in on the first hand like they are playing BINGO. And I’m not talking with suited cards but with 7-2 offsuit. That is a BINGO player. They play all day 50 or more games and are rewarded for there marathon. To make that fair Replay should change the Tournament Point Calculations to award last place 0 TP"s
I’d respect the marathon players much more if that happened.
Hail to the King

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All Good … As I said I believe a !st 7 and then a best of say 30 like is done w/the monthly leaderboards would be a better format … but for these contests that was not the case … I personally competed in one of these marathons that a few players (mainly one) was going all in every 1st hand … what I did was determine that in the long run I would defeat this player by not calling every all in and gaining the extra tourney points earned by placing higher in more individual games over the duration of the tourney … and my strategy did work out in the long run … As goes in most poker games it is better to adapt to the type of players that are trying to defeat you to give you the hopeful edge you may need to come out on top

Take Care The King The Goat