Windows 10 new update

You might want to wait a few days to install the new update.
I’m on a fast PC and they usually take less than 5 minutes or so but for this one I stared at the screen that read “restarting” for about 15 minutes.
I had a concert to go to anyway so I left it and came back about 3 hours later and nothing had changed.
I forced a shutdown and turned it back on and it finally started the update that lasted about 20 minutes.
Maybe it’s just on my end but had I known all that was going to happen I would have waited a few days.
If you do the update or have done the update and had no problems please post here for others that may decide to hold off.

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I’ve done the update. Everything is normal. No problems at all.
Must be on your end.

I did the update also and it took forever was about an hour for me and i missed a tourney. :frowning:

I consider that good news…I didn’t mind so much that it took much longer than usual, it was the having to do a forced shut down during an update that concerned me.
I’ve heard of people losing power during a shutdown and later having to do a complete re-installation of Windows.

While I do hope the issue is a one time oddity for me only it looks like I need to do a system restore because it deleted my home network, changed my prefs for some programs and I hear popping sounds in my audio occasionally.
After a restore I’ll try the update again in a few days and report back if it’s problematic again.