Win or Lose?

I recently lost a hand to teo 59 deal # 53529757. the river showed a pair of ten’s and sevens. i hasd a pair of fours and the winner had a King and a two in his hand? my pair was higher than his k and 2? I thought i would have won that hand?

Soo, you got 44 in hand

he got KQ in hand.

“In Texas Holdem, the players share the community cards. The players use their hole cards together with the community cards to make their poker hand. A player can only make a poker hand that has five cards in it. You may use both hole cards, one hole card or no hole card at all, in order to see which poker hand you have. If you aren’t using any cards at all, you are playing with the community cards only.”

Soo the finale hands 5 card looks like thet:

angie209 : 10-10-7-7-8

( your 4-4 not count)


10-10-7-7-K ( the Q and 8 not count)

He got the higher “kicker”, he won.

I know sometime can be confuse people, but this is the rule of Texas Holdem.

You cant have 3 pair .

Crap! No wonder I lose so much!!!