Will we ever get the stat button back?

Will we ever get the stat button back?

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@ the top of the page ( on replay poker ), on the right side… is your pic… next to it is a down arrow…
click the down arrow to get dropdown list, pick statistics …
Is that what you mean ? perhaps … or do you mean stats on forum ?

I mean the old stat button at the table. Told your win % at the table you were playing on. They did away with it towards the end of 2016. I emailed asking about it & someone named Andrew emailed me back & said it would be coming back sometime.

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Sry then, musta been right before I got here, mhmmm '16 you say, perhaps '15 ?

Coulda been the end of '15. :grimacing:

This button pre-dates my time here as well! I just checked with Andrew, and he filled me in. :wink:

Apparently the button you’re referring to would frequently show inaccurate statistics, so it had to be disabled. It’s something we want to bring back, but our major projects (the new poker server and HTML5) need to be completed in order to ensure that it works consistently.

So, the short answer is: Eventually.

Sorry it’s been so long! But I can tell you that adding more features to significantly improve our statistics is a big priority for us, even though it’s a bit further out.


Thanks for checking on it for me. I’ll be glad when we get it back.

just curious, do you have any idea already when these things will be completed?

Ill buy that !