Welcome to the WILDHORSES Poker League Forum. We are official as of today, Jan 18, 2023. So exciting.

League Tournament Lobby:

League Purpose: To promote play in all the different game types that Replay offers. It will serve to encourage play in all games, not just holdem. It will be a competitive league to find the best all-around poker players on the site. Several players have expressed interest in playing HORSE on the site. This league will provide a similar alternative for that purpose.

Tournament Buy-ins: All tournaments will have a 20K buy-in and will be Bounty Tournaments. Each bounty will payout ~3700 chips. There will also be a quarterly leaderboard for knockouts.

Days, Times, Types of tournaments: Tournaments will rotate through each game type over a two week period. Games to be played on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10am US Eastern Time.

Rotation Schedule:
Week 1: Tuesday, Game Type: PL Omaha, Tournament Name:
Week 1: Thursday: Game Type: FL 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo, Tournament Name: Traveler
Week 1: Saturday, Game Type: NL Holdem, Tournament Name: Sea Biscuit
Week 2: Tuesday, Game Type: NL Royal, Tournament Name: Secretariat
Week 2: Thursday, Game Type: FL 7-Card Stud, Tournament Name: Silver
Week 2: Saturday, Game Type: NL Omaha Hi/Lo, Tournament Name: Affirmed

Starting Chips: 5000
Blind Schedule: 8 minutes
Seats per table: 6 (for all tournaments)

Leaderboard: We will use a quarterly leaderboard (12 weeks). We are going to count best 4 of each game type and sum those up for the total score for each player.

We plan an “official” kick off for Feb 7th. The initial quarter will be 8 weeks and we will count best two of each game type towards the leaderboard standings. Starting next week, we will have some practice MTTs to work out the kinks, blind schedules, leaderboards etc. Please consider joining us for those games as well.

If you like to play a variety of game types this is the league for you. If interested in joining, send a friend request to @_snowman or @Goatsoup .

Good Luck at the tables!!


Congrats and good luck with this league. I would join but I don’t have the time lately for two poker leagues.

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That’s impressive!! You did a great job on that… :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:


Outstanding formatting :+1:t2: very impressive!


Hi everyone, our “official” kickoff will begin play this coming Tuesday Feb 7th. The initial quarter will be 8 weeks going thru Apr 1st. Still time to sign up and join us. If interested, send me or @Goatsoup a friend request and message and let us know you are interested.

Best of Luck to all this quarter!


Congratulations on your league… have fun and enjoy!


I missed the last couple games because the new Replay layout was mwssing
my laptop up bad. I think it’s fixed… Ed

Glad to hear and good to see you back today.

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