why do moderators think they can add whom ever they desire to their friends list? take marcipan for instance i am not this idiots friend never have been never will be, but yet he adds me why? it’s not like i might play this game ever again because i been banned for speaking my mind, then he " replay ask me to un ban you,then he said i have it all wrong i can prove what was said in a message to me about what he said about replay requesting him to unblock me oh all except for me pming anyone or chating wow really! so i guess my main question is marcipan i want to be off your friends list I am not your friend! thanks the_beardsley

I quote myself from the PM what I sent you.

"one more thing, unfortunatelly, we got an ongoing bug with mute/ban, We thought the staff solved it last week, but its effect your acc to. basicaly when user got banned , , automaticaly mute the user and even unban wont help. I can unmute you , but this way the staff wont be able find the bug. Its nothing to do with you. Sorry for thet, I hope you understand.

Good luck and have a nice play!"

wow as usual i requested marcipan to take me off his or her friends list and i am still on it. oh well i got better stuff to spend my money on than on this site. and replay’s bug with the muteing is really not my problem its replays…so i am still ban from pm and or chat too just cause replay is messing up? NOT RIGHT!

I understand now you dont want help on thet isue, and regadless you never ask me to unmute you.

I do it now, but the nature of the bug, may next log in you muted auto , again. As I dont need remind myself to wach this problem on your acc, I remove thet too from my “friend” list.

Some may remember this nearly a year ago, but went nowhere.

nonotme 11 months ago Custom User Lists

Instead of the “Friends list” in the player profile Replay might provide two or more lists the player can title.


Winners List ______ Losers List______The Other list


Good Guys ________Bad Guys —

The pleasant_______The profane —

The Good _________The Bad________The Ugly

It has come to my attention I have offended some players by putting them on my friends list even though we are not friendly. Unfortunately, this happens in the poker world. I now see my feeble attempt of keeping track of players with one list can be distasteful to some players

Uhm, bit complicated i think:)…you quickly offended players in this way.

Is it not easier to change the name Friends List?

Call it their own players list, or just Players List, or something like that.

And whats the different between the bad and the ugly? Just curious.

One — All list don’t need to be visible the general population.

Two — Players are offended with the one list.

Three— review previous post and comments from Paul. He had good thoughts.

Four — Ugly is skin deep.

Five — Bad goes all the way to the bone. Like Jay!