Why wasnt my question answerd yesterday

why wasnt my question answerd yesterday

You dont have question 24 hours b4 this Question on this support forum.

If you sent email, lots of reason can be why the RP staff not responded ASAP. Like: may staff members need discuss with each other may need look up log files. they do something else on the site. May they sleep. :slight_smile:

Ithink 48 hours respond is reasonable, but may a week.

If you’re referring to this question: http://support.replaypoker.com/replaypoker/topics/there_is_to_much_profanity_in_ur_tables

Then we do our best to always respond promptly. Either a member of staff will usually reply within 24 hrs during Mon-Fri, or a member of the moderation team will try their best to respond when appropriate, sometimes like this question, over the weekend too.