Why was the pay out not 50/50?

Unless I am missing something, I had A10 and another player had the same, we both won, but the split was not 50/50…

Why ?



There was a side pot between the other two players - they both had bigger stacks than you. The chips put in after you were already all-in are being played for between them only.

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Ok, thanks

So, I should not have gone all-in too early, or just raised and then avoid the side-pot ?
How should have it been played if it was to be a 50/50 split ?

Hi @Bluezzz

You cannot avoid the side-pot. The side pot is made up of chips that you didn’t contribute to.

The amount you win depends on the amount you bet. When you bet all your chips, and you had other callers, the total pot was 6795 chips. After that, you had no chips left, but the other 2 players did, so they continued betting. The extra chips they bet made the side pot of 3290 chips. These 3290 chips are to be won by them, because you had no contribution to those.

At the end of the hand, you and the other player both had A10 and you split the main pot of 6795 chips, so you got 3397 chips and he got 3398 chips.
The side pot of 3290 chips which you cannot get any share of, was also won by the other player, bringing his total to 3398 + 3290 = 6688 chips, that’s why he won more than you.

The way you played the hand has nothing to do with the side pot. Your all in actually worked best for you because you got the maximum amount possible in that hand.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


100% correct.



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