Why was I placed in 6th when I finished in 5th

table #636791 table I.D. 247419 Hand # 10336542

I finished in 5th …as there were only 5 of us playing, but you payed me for 6th…whats up with that



Tournament ID:

247419 Hand


Regarding to the small and wrong given info, and by the time you posted this, cant find the tour in the lobby. You have to wait to the staff member to look up.

My guess is, your table table #636791 and your fall out was before the other table #636792 . You see the tables in odd player numbers is diveded more then one table. Say 6 seated rooms, 7 people, will be like two table 4 and 3 people. To order all player stay in the game.

Could be wrong tho. in game http://hq.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/103332558 TackoJr mention about players number wrong.

it was a free roll, there were only 5 players left in the tournament, nothing to do with more than one table. type in the hand number ( 103336542) and you will see the hand. You will also see only 5 players at the table, only 5 players left in the tournament, so how could I have gotten 6th place.

Yeah, as you see I find myself the hand number in the end, one 3 was missing in the OP. You have to wait for staff member.

I am wondering how long it is going to take to fix this problem. I have only gotten one response on the matter. I would like to know if anyone is looking into this.

This is a community powered support site. Aka from other players. If you want faster respons from RP, you should email them. support@replaypoker.com