Why the new 27 place payouts in Free Rolls?

I think it’s a bit much. If you’re going to increase payout places I think 18 would be a good compromise. 27 seems like such a random number that it’s like someone pulled it out of a hat. That said,can someone explain the logic that went into choosing 27,unless it really was pulled out from a hat.

Sure. :slight_smile: The daily freerolls have been more and more successful lately. we have more participants than before. We have received some feedback from quite a few players on increasing the number of pay-outs positions.

We are normally aiming at paying out around 15% of the field in our freerolls which is slightly more than a regular poker tournament. The objective being to make more winners and award the free chips to as many players as possible. As we have 200 to 300 participants in these daily freerolls, we went for 27 pay-outs which is equivalent to the last 3 tables in a 9-player per table format.

The prize pools of these daily freerolls will also be increased to 150K free chips by the end of February.

I, for one, think it’s a fine idea. It IS just about 15% of entrants, though I notice the number of players has increased. Most live cash events pay about that percentage. I look forward to the increased payouts, too. Ron (Alan25main)

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