Why so quickly table closed

after last hand played, why so quickly table closed, no possibility to chat and dicussion… and maybe some curse :slight_smile:

You mean at the end of the tournament? That sounds like a good idea. Do you think the table should remain open for a few extra minutes? Anyone else like to comment?

yes Paul. It happens in the last month (cca), before it was “normal”

I see - when you say normal, how exactly did it work before?

pffff …dont know exactly …maybe two min,tree.

I agree with Package. When the table is closing very quickly (when tour is finished) we often get the message rebalancing tables. And sometimes it goos so fast that you still are typing congrats or thanks:))

Thanks for the info, we’ll definitely fix this and leave the room open for a few mins after the tourney ends, for congrats etc.

Thanks Paul, Happi :slight_smile:

We fixed this, now we wait for a few minutes and also we warn the players that the table is about to be closed.

Thanks for all the feedback, it’s very important so we can improve Replay Poker.