Why so costly for omaha entry?

why are omaha tournaments so much more costly to buy into? doesn’t that tend to diminish interest in getting people to play? doesn’t make sense from this side of the table.

Thanks for your feedback - I’ll pass this on to our scheduling team.

a CEO is hardly and employee, Paul, but thanks for humoring us and thanks for getting back to me.

I think this site allow only the “employee” titulus, beside this, he work for this community end of the day. just my 2 cent, or one

Hi prostaff

You think 5000 chips buy-in is too expensive for a Multi Table Tournament? (for Holdem we have a couple which are cheaper)

At the moment ReplayPoker runs 3 daily Omaha tourneys with a 5k buy-in (and a couple which are more expensive)

And there are Omaha SnGs, buy-in 1 k and 2k. Maybe that is an option to play first to increase your bankroll?

We keep this request in our mind for when we make changes in the schedule.

Greetings Happiness.