Why no ads on tables?

I have faith in the Staff, Company, You and Everyone that it will not come to fruition and hope everyone that can will support the site for us all.!

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Agree! I think many would leave if RP added adds. All these new annoying features RP keeps adding is making the site more and more undesirable to play on IMO. These new annoying features is doing the opposite of retaining players - something RP stated a while ago was an issue and goal the site was trying to address.

The site is GLOBAL so I find ir hard RP could find companies in every region wanting to pay for adds on RP.

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I really don’t think Replay is even considering this option and it was just a players suggestion but i was glad to see we are all on the same page of NOT wanting ad’s as they would be such a distraction and i think they would lose more players than gain.


I dunno
Maybe a small ad for swamptrash Ayahuasca, get poker advice from your ancestors, solve all poker problems now, going cheap :crazy_face:

That would be an ideal situation in an ideal world.

My ad-blocker shows me there are many ads on the tables.

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They are probably third party ads not controlled by RP, but can’t say for sure


That’s exactly what they are, 3rd party ads not supported by Replay.


Agree! RP IMO has made a lot of bad plays, but I think they understand the small financial benefit has too much risk & potential to hurt the site and lose some players.

I don’t think players are aware of how many are actually regularly spending $$$ for chips on this site - so I think RP is making decent profit. Adding adds will undoubtedly do the opposite of retaining players on RP.

RP should sell something other than worthless chips if they want to increase profits IMO.

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Just to clear things up, we don’t have ads of any kind – including third-party ads. Ad-blockers not only block ads, they also block analytics services that we use to track site performance, feature usage, etc. – so that’s what you’re seeing from your plugin.