Why is this happening

I’ve noticed for a while now, my chips keep going back to 500. I login every single day, 7 day’s a week, always between 4.00 pm and 5.00 pm as thats when I relax and have a wine. As I have done today, to find yet again its gone back to 500, now within the last 24 hrs, I have logged in approx 3-4 times to look at tables. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN!!!


That’s pretty surprising. I find when that happens to me that inevitably I have missed a day, or missed arriving at the correct hour. I wonder if you shouldn’t write to support@replaypoker.com. They can look at your account and tell you exactly what’s happening. They are very good about getting back to their correspondent within 24 hours. I sure wouldn’t hesitate to ask this question of them.


Yeah, the only way that’s supposed to happen is if you miss a day logging in.

I would contact support if you didn’t miss a day.

has happened to me. it’s like MY 24 hr clock is wayyy shorter
/ longer than RP 24hr ? I usually log in before noon -12 PM EST & log again in before midnight (every 12 hours ) not even playing But if I miss even 5 min i get the 500 bump to start over again What “clock” does RePLAY use?

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If you look at your bank transactions you can see the time stamp. Replay uses the clock time where you live.