Why is this happening

I’ve noticed for a while now, my chips keep going back to 500. I login every single day, 7 day’s a week, always between 4.00 pm and 5.00 pm as thats when I relax and have a wine. As I have done today, to find yet again its gone back to 500, now within the last 24 hrs, I have logged in approx 3-4 times to look at tables. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN!!!


That’s pretty surprising. I find when that happens to me that inevitably I have missed a day, or missed arriving at the correct hour. I wonder if you shouldn’t write to support@replaypoker.com. They can look at your account and tell you exactly what’s happening. They are very good about getting back to their correspondent within 24 hours. I sure wouldn’t hesitate to ask this question of them.


Yeah, the only way that’s supposed to happen is if you miss a day logging in.

I would contact support if you didn’t miss a day.

has happened to me. it’s like MY 24 hr clock is wayyy shorter
/ longer than RP 24hr ? I usually log in before noon -12 PM EST & log again in before midnight (every 12 hours ) not even playing But if I miss even 5 min i get the 500 bump to start over again What “clock” does RePLAY use?

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If you look at your bank transactions you can see the time stamp. Replay uses the clock time where you live.

Why have European Players only 7 Royal Poker events and others 8 ?
Why have European Players no Rebuy in the day ? There are only 2 in the middle of the night !

Here’s what I’ve noticed recently. Sometimes it happens, usually it doesn’t. Today it didn’t happen, but several times recently it happened.

My daily bonus always credits at 1 p.m. Chinese time (Nov-March) or 12 p.m. (Apr-Oct). If today I visit the site at 12:59:59 p.m. I don’t get my bonus. If I visit at 13:00:00, it hits. If I visit the site at any time of day after 1 p.m, my bonus usually credits immediately. But sometimes I have to either refresh the page or go to another page (e.g., hands or profile) for it to credit.

The vast majority of the time since I’ve been here (well over 99%), I noticed the daily bonus credit immediately when I visited the site for the first time in the day after 12 or 1 p.m… On a handful of occasions, I noticed no change in my balance, but it credited when I refreshed or opened another RP page (e.g., hands).

Since there seems no logical explanation for it, I assume it is yet another site glitch.

You might want to take a look at your account’s chips transaction history to see if it helps shed some light on the missing chips.

Same thing with me. My chips hit at 12pm ET United States. If they don’t I just refresh the page and there they are along with the time stamp when they were credited. Easy Peasy.