Why is their no info on this site about how to join a league?

When I click on “Leagues”, it just gives a list of leaguers. How do you join one? There was a tourney going on today that I went to join. It said only league members could join. It didn’t even say the name of the league! Seriously, I shouldn’t have to use Google to get info about Replay.

Hi Chip63,
If you click the drop down menu on the Dashboard you will find “leagues” as one of the options. Click on that and you will see all ther leagues currently operating. You can browse each league, the organisers of which are listed at the top, and if you are interested in joining one of them, just send a friend request to the organiser and they will get in touch with you.
Hope this helps.

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My dashboard doesn’t have anything about leagues on it. Do you have to have a certain number of chips to enable the option?

You will see from this drop down menu the “leagues” section.


Thank you.

Some do, but I was able to join a league with no problem, The Dream Weavers team. Friend Sharon Smarty or MrMonk and let them know you would like to join a team. I am on the Renegades and would like to play with you and not against you if you know what I mean. Good luck.

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