Why is hand replay in Replay poker so bad?

This is the most annoying thing in Replay poker - when you want to review previous hand(s) you have to wait the whole hand from beginning to end and you cannot skip to the different moments like preflop/flop/turn/river. There should be a “slider” like you see in real money poker sites.
Is it really that difficult to integrate this feature into the game?

Ps. Also number two nuisance is the lack of winning percentages when cards are shown at the showdown.

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I’m not sure if you are referring to big tables, 9 seats for example, hands on tables with fewer active participants tend to not take long, as the action timers don’t allow things to drag out too long. Especially on Fast tables where there’s hardly any time to play with.

Sounds like a reasonable request

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You’d think the namesake feature of the site would be taken more seriously.


Replay Poker built its brand around this feature and its a tragedy it falls short of its mission.

Yep, agree 100% on this. I like to look at previous hands cash and here but here 2 long etc.

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