Why is a kicker not displayed?

Imagine I have a pair of kings. I loose because of the kicker at showdown because an opponent has the same pair and better kicker. But I can find it out only for few seconds when the cards are displayed. The log will contain that opponent won with the pair of kings. Please improve the message to hold the kicker value if it was needed.


If u look at or scroll up in the chat/info box then you will see what hands you and him are holding… in that case it would show you holding Kx and him holding Kx. Hope this helps.

Why not make it easier to read? Why shall I scroll back and search the hands? Enhancing the game result message with a kicker is a trivial change and it would make ReplayPoker better.

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I have just seen it again, unfortunatelly copy paste failed and history is gone. The kicker is not displayed even in the log.

The log shows who won the hand and how many chips they won. It shows every ones hole cards at showdown that was still in the hand. Before that it also shows the 3 cards flopped, the turn card, and river card. If you missed or need to see both kickers on a same hand made then just look at your 2nd hole card and his 2nd hole card in the log box and the higher kicker won. In this case it was him having a higher 2nd hole card which is his kicker.

I see what you mean. It’s displayed, but it could be more prominent. It seems like it would be a fairly easy enhancement to implement, and would be a minor improvement.


Are you talking about the new tables? cause i havnt seen them much ?

I do not know which tables are new. I play PL Holdem, Plain Sailing. This is the record:


I just watched this, and the lines directly above the portion you are showing, contain the hands you were each holding. The problem I see with adding information we don’t really need in the dealer dialogue, is where does it end? Say 4 cards to a flush are on the board, one of them a King, and 4 people get a King high flush. The dealer just announced the hands that went to showdown. It is easy to see what card of that suit was highest. Why announce it again? If there are one or more side pots, you would have to announce each as a King high flush, then somehow explain which card each held that gave them their win. It seems to me that all the information is there, if you want it. Dealer chat goes by quickly enough that a longer version does not seem like a good idea. I’m more likely to read something if it is short. JMO

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